Karma and reincaration

I don’t quite remember since when I was deeply interested in Shirley Maclaine. I have read all her books. Not only I appreciate her witty writing style and straightforwardness, I am also fascinated by her rich and adventurous life. I would certainly not expect an American movie star with a Catholic background would be so knowledgeable and convinced in Karma, a basic Buddhist thinking which came up quite frequently in many of her books. Everything we do, “someone” is watching, and it is not Santa. Whether those are good deeds or bad actions, we are all responsible for them. That’s … Continue reading Karma and reincaration

“Duo Adventure”, take one. Action!!

Timing has always been important to me. Do the right thing is not enough, I must do it at the right time. Otherwise, the right thing to do will become the wrong thing to do. And the time was right for us to get married. Of course, we also have everything else required. Among other things, we have each other. Sounds straightforward, doesn’t it? But trust me, it’s not. Life is never straightforward, and certainly not mine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. On the contrary, I am grateful because I know I’ve been really lucky. It is because … Continue reading “Duo Adventure”, take one. Action!!