Karma and reincaration

I don’t quite remember since when I was deeply interested in Shirley Maclaine. I have read all her books. Not only I appreciate her witty writing style and straightforwardness, I am also fascinated by her rich and adventurous life. I would certainly not expect an American movie star with a Catholic background would be so knowledgeable and convinced in Karma, a basic Buddhist thinking which came up quite frequently in many of her books. Everything we do, “someone” is watching, and it is not Santa. Whether those are good deeds or bad actions, we are all responsible for them. That’s … Continue reading Karma and reincaration

Cuts and Stitches

Finally, I just had the stitches on my knee removed. The cut was deep enough that stitches were unavoidable but then again they must be removed when the wound reaches a certain healing stage. Hopefully after a week or so my knee will be totally recovered with a scar barely visible. The human body is fascinating. The way it functions is complex and if it is well taken care of, it may last over a hundred years. But it takes only a cut on the knee to influence my quality of life, fortunately only for a week. I could not … Continue reading Cuts and Stitches


佳: 《桃姐》表面看是主僕情的電影,其實在談老人問題。和你一起觀影時我不期然想起三個至親的人:母親、你和我。 幸好獨居的母親有自己的興趣和生活,我也因此放心擁有自己的丈夫、家庭和工作,閒時才相約她一起上街去玩,雖然每周總有一兩天我們會在一起,但是我知道其實母親是掛念我的。當母親說「你去忙吧,快走快走」時,我知道她已經開始掛念我。老實說我也很掛念她,可是時間永遠不夠。 但這一切都隨時有機會改變,一次意外或一次病痛,都足以讓本來能夠享受的生活都一去不回,那時才來補救已經太遲,這段等待時間的每分每秒,都讓我很擔心。 「最能表達愛的方式,是付出時間。時間是你所能給其他人的最大禮物。」人稱「電訊魔童」,城市電訊的王維基說過,要知道某件事對一個人的重要性,只要看看他花多少時間在那件事上就行了。事忙的他嘗試照顧心情低落的弟弟,每天只能向他發至一個電郵,告訴他發生的事,有趣的人,令人開懷的短片,如此做了整整四個月直至他重新好起來。 你為了圓我的寫作夢,拼命擠出那麼多時間給我去寫,有時甚至不約我吃午飯,好讓我能專心寫作。讓我想起母親和演「桃姐」的葉德嫻異口同聲的那句:「你去忙吧!沒時間不用找我。」 有時寫作也需要一點靈感,有時自己也有迷失的時候,進度真的很慢。我知道的,我也知道你的苦心。我很清楚,要花多點時間寫好我的小說,便是報答你和母親送贈我「時間」的最佳禮物。 之後,我會花多點時間和你及母親過更好的生活。 Time is Love. 甲甲 Continue reading 多少時間,多少情