Montage Express: Screening@Oi!


Another screenings! Here’s the showtimes and description of the “Montage Express”@Oi! :



The screening schedule and programme from 4 – 11 September of ‘Independent Cinema’ is now available. The new group of works at House 1 encompass introspective reflections on individual lives and intimacy, with macro narratives projected behind characters. The programme also takes reference of cinema tranditions and re-run some of the most popular works at House 2. Special screenings and sharing sessions will be organised on 11 September as closing.


The first contributor Ying E Chi has formulated a programme featuring classics of the Hong Kong New Wave, contemporary independent productions and works from the Grassroots Filming Project. The programme which runs from 19 August to 11 September 2016 at Oi! will bring niche subjects back to the community and, at the same time, to discuss the ‘new wave’ of contemporary film production and viewing culture.Take a glimpse of the programme(film abstracts provided by Ying E Chi) and come join us!

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