Karma and reincaration

karma2I don’t quite remember since when I was deeply interested in Shirley Maclaine. I have read all her books. Not only I appreciate her witty writing style and straightforwardness, I am also fascinated by her rich and adventurous life.

I would certainly not expect an American movie star with a Catholic background would be so knowledgeable and convinced in Karma, a basic Buddhist thinking which came up quite frequently in many of her books. Everything we do, “someone” is watching, and it is not Santa. Whether those are good deeds or bad actions, we are all responsible for them. That’s right, what goes around, comes around!

Reincarnation is of course the related topic she wrote often about, particularly her own. I have heard many Hong Kong locals cursing someone in a hurry saying, “Are you rushing to reincarnate?”  So reincarnation is not unfamiliar to me. I do remember my own experience when I visited France for the first time (in this life time I guess). Everything seemed surprisingly familiar like a “déjà vu” and I felt comfortable almost immediately with the supposedly foreign environment.

Besides foreign places, I have also met strangers for the first time but felt we have known each other before. As one would say, it “clicked” immediately. This makes me wonder about those with whom I interact often, yet there is absolutely no sparkle between us.

Henry and I, we must have been in a close relationship in one of our past lives. So even being both male, we are meant to take another life journey together. Our relationship reminds me of the legendary Butterfly Lovers though we are much luckier as we don’t have to suffer from such a painful torture before the final union.

Open-minded people would say that love has no sex. From personal experience, I would add that love does possess a sexual instinct. A homosexual will never fall in love with the opposite sex. It is incredible that someone actually thought of converting another person’s sexuality through some sort of therapy. This is what I would call the “Mission Impossible”!


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