Cuts and Stitches

Finally, I just had the stitches on my knee removed. The cut was deep enough that stitches were unavoidable but then again they must be removed when the wound reaches a certain healing stage. Hopefully after a week or so my knee will be totally recovered with a scar barely visible.

The human body is fascinating. The way it functions is complex and if it is well taken care of, it may last over a hundred years.

But it takes only a cut on the knee to influence my quality of life, fortunately only for a week. I could not take a shower the same way I would normally as I had to prevent the wound from getting wet. I definitely couldn’t take a bath, so the nice tub in my hotel room in TK was a waste. I had to go down the stairs one step at a time so I wouldn’t bend my handicapped knee and risk breaking the stitches.

While the body needs extra care when it is hurt, our feelings require even more special treatments when they are not “in good shape”. When our feelings are hurt, they don’t heal as easily. There are no stitches to close the wound. And even if there were, the scar remains.

I try to pay more attention not to hurt the feelings of my loved ones, and I want to see their smiling faces all the time. So this is the reason behind all those bad jokes I tell Henry, they keep him laughing and help him stay in a good mood.

Life is too short to be grumpy!

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