Vive la Différence!

I never thought I would be in the newspaper, even less I would expect to be part of a public report related to my sexuality in a Chinese national English newspaper.

I guess I’m really “out” this time.

Even though I have always been comfortable with my homosexuality, this aspect of me remained reasonably private. I did not have to pretend to be straight ever since I moved to Montreal. I even told the H.R. manager at work as I wanted the insurance plan of my ex-employer to cover my partner at that time. My principle is, anyone who should know, would know.

During those years in Montreal, I was not really in the gay scene as I had a very steady relationship and over 95 percent of my friends were straight. We were totally normal to them. The family of my “ex” also accepted me like a family member. In fact, we are still in touch. Come to think of it, it was kind of amazing that there was never any complications whatsoever in any area for being gay. Knowing how bad it could be in some Asian families, I know I was really lucky.

One of the reasons why I took Henry to Canada was to show him how being gay is nothing abnormal over there. Too bad he did not have the chance to meet my other friends in Montreal and have a drink in the gay village! It would have been a wonderful experience for him. Well, not this time but it’s in the plan!!

It may take a while but I’m sure one day, we can all embrace the French saying, “Vive la Différence!”

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