Home Owners 一家之主

For many Hong Kong people, becoming a home owner is a dream. Not only because we all prefer to have our own place to live, but it is also because of the hope to gain financial benefits generated from this investment. Their ultimate goal is to make money! In fact, properties are nothing but tools to make more money for some people.

To me, a home is a more than just a house or a residence. If a house is the body of a person, then a home is a body with a warm protecting spirit. That is why it does not feel the same to stay in a hotel no matter how nice the physical environment and the service maybe. Everyone says it all the time: “There is no place like home!”. As Henry’s junk-collection spirit moves slowly but surely into my apartment (ok, not all junks), we both started to find it a bit too small to accommodate our new family life style. A bigger place is what we need and we have just found one!

This is our first home where everything is new to both of us. It gives us a brand new common ground in every sense. Like when we travel, while it maybe nice to revisit places and show your partner around, I do enjoy taking an adventure together with Henry in new destinations where we have never been before. This allows us to share the same experience, to have a common life! As a couple, it is important to have common projects through which we identify ourselves as a team, as a family. This new apartment is now our new adventure together, our new home!

We may not be house owners, but we are home owners. It’s a dream come true.


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